About HEAL First International

Mission: To provide HEALing to the world through international healthcare, education, accountability & leadership. We live our mission through supporting systems and organizations in their pursuit of excellence. We provide support by leveraging over 100 years of experience and expertise with: patient safety, infection control, access network development and clinical education.

Values: Healthcare, Education, Accountability & Leadership

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The Symbol of HEAL First International

At the heart of the HEAL First International logo you will find an adinkra symbol from the Akan Tribe. The Akan Tribe is predominantly located in the southern regions of the West African country, the Republic of Ghana. The Ghanaian adinkra symbol of HOPE is known as Nyame Biribi Wo Soro which translates into “God is in the heavens.” It is an affirmation for the people, as if to say, since God is in the heavens, He can better hear the cries and prayers of man, and in turn, act on them. The symbol is in the form of two ovals conjoined in order to form an infinity sign with a diamond located at the point of intersection.

This symbol of HOPE is placed at the heart of the HEAL First International logo, because we believe that first and for most, our intention is to be seen as a symbol of HOPE to those we support and serve. We also maintain a firm belief that “God is in the heavens” and it is our prayer that He will guide us to those who are asking, knocking and seeking. That we may be, to some degree, the instruments in the hands of the Lord to provide to those who receive, direct those who find and unlock possibilities to those who act (KJV Mat 7:7). 

Adinkra symbol at the prior home of the King in Kumasi, Capital of the Ashanti kingdom